Bonaire's Lora, the yellow-shouldered Amazon parrot (Amazona barbadensis) is an endangered species found only here on our island and a few other places. The Lora used to live on Aruba but because of persecution is now extinct from there. The Lora is primarily green, but when one stretches its wings, you can see the beautiful feathers there in green, red, blue, and yellow.

Villa Lora creates an atmosphere of tranquility and exclusivity. It is the largest available villa and comprises of a fully equiped 6 person villa and a seperate self suporting 2 person apartment with a seperate entrance and additional small kitchenette.

The image and the architectural concept grew out of both popular and caribean architecture but also other persuppositions in which more traditional Dutch Caribean components are combined with contemporary elements. The exterior show different treatments, in keeping with the nature of the island and trying to minimize the impact of the construction in the landscape. The porches relate to the entrances, the lounges and the kitchen creating a link between those and the bedrooms and bathrooms.

The interior is designed to meet stringent international standards. All bedrooms have their own seperate bathrooms. The majestic entrance leads you to a comfartable living area with large kitchen. The living is connected to both the bedrooms as the porch. Next to the villa is a big garage. The apartment can be reached by staircase and has an own bathroom and kitchenette. The teracce on top of the garage gives the apartment a fine additional living space.

Every villa and apartment is connected to the public water and electricity grid, the network of telephone provider Telbo, which also offers digital TV. All infrastructural pipes within the Courtyard Village project are constructed underground. The heating of water is provided for by environmentally-friendly and sustainable solar boilers.

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