Sightseeing North Bonaire, part 1

By Peter on Friday 13 September 2019.

In addition to the underwater world, for a small island, Bonaire also has a varied landscape that is worth exploring. We would be happy to tell you more about this, so that you can go out on your own during your holiday on Bonaire. And this is best done by car. Renting a car on Bonaire is very easy with us, view our range here Today part 1 of the tour on the northern part of the island.

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Felis Dia di Boneiru!

By Peter on Friday 6 September 2019.

On this day the island was discovered in 1499 by the Spaniard Alonso de Ojeda. Dia di Boneiru (flag day) is a public holiday and is extensively celebrated. Keep in mind that many businesses and stores are closed.


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Unique and intimate dining at Chefs Bonaire

By Peter on Friday 30 August 2019.

The island may be small, but there is plenty of choice in good food on Bonaire. Recently a new restaurant has been added with a unique concept and the only one on Bonaire: Chefs Bonaire.

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Bonaire: relaxed island full of contrasts

By Peter on Friday 23 August 2019.

A vacation to Bonaire, how wonderful does that sound? KLM and Tui regularly have great offers, which means that a vacation to our tropical island can become a reality sooner than you think. And where Bonaire is often first thought of sun, sea and beach, the island has so much more to offer. Belonging to the Leeward Islands in the Caribbean, Bonaire is one and a half times as large as Texel. 

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Architecture with a story

By Peter on Friday 16 August 2019.

Did you know that the oldest building in Bonaire is 380 years old and is in Kralendijk? If you want to see architecture during your vacation on Bonaire, Playa (the center of Kralendijk) is a good place to start. In this way you get a picture of the former colonial era and the stories that the buildings carry with them.

Oldest building

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The hidden beach

By Peter on Friday 9 August 2019.

The hidden beach of Cai between the mangroves of Lac Bay is an oasis of tranquility and is located in the east of the island. Here you can spot different species of birds or, with a little luck, even a turtle, which occasionally shows its head above water. The dirt road to it can be very bumpy, but it is more than worth the drive. Before you reach Cai you will pass the mangrove, where large groups of flamingos are regularly to be found. The flamingos are usually not far from the road, so you can admire these magnificent animals from very close by.

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Look at your payment card !!

By Peter on Tuesday 16 July 2019.

A number of banks issue new debit cards with VPay instead of Maestro
Vpay is the counterpart of Maestro. Where maestro is a development of Mastercard, VPay is a development of Visa. Both are very widely supported worldwide and within Europe you can go almost anywhere with both, unfortunately VPay does not work on Bonaire and therefore you cannot withdraw cash or withdraw money at the payment machine !!

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How are you doing goat farmer Aletta?

By Peter on Friday 5 July 2019.

By necessity, Aletta, who participated in the Farmer Seek Woman program in 2013, has opened her farm to paying guests. Running a goat farm on Bonaire is not easy Selling goat cheese, self-sufficient life: that was her dream. But by necessity, she has now abandoned her original business model. You can't make it with goat cheese here, she says as she makes coffee with fresh goat milk in her outdoor kitchen ("Kabriccino", she chuckles. "My specialty. Kabritu is Papiamento for goat"). ,, On Bonaire nothing can be taken for granted.

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Ocean Oasis is the new beach club on Kings Beach.

By Peter on Monday 17 June 2019.

In the south of Bonaire towards the salt pans and next to the Esmeralda ruins it is an oasis of pure tranquility on Kings Beach. Ocean Oasis is the newest Beachclub on Bonaire. With a fantastic architecture, a completely new Beach Club has been built there. You can rent a bamboo lounger with towel, a bottle of water and a fruity salad for $ 22.50. The smile of the Beach Boys and the best view of the Caribbean Sea are free.

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Mega Hit FM

By Peter on Thursday 6 June 2019.

Mega Hit FM, Stay up to date on all activities at Dushi Boneiru and tune into MEGA Hit FM daily, the best listened station for the Dutch market. Rijksdienst Caribisch Nederland has conducted a study into the effectiveness of campaigns on the radio and Mega Hit FM stands out head and shoulders above it. Mega Hit Fm is also popular at van Tweel supermarket. Via a live stream you can hear the music that can also be heard on the radio. Our favorite DJ is Bart van de Molen who daily brings us all the news from Bonaire with his morning show.

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